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When an outrageous mishap plunges her into a panic, a birthday princess performer must find a way to leave her client's luxury NYC apartment with her reputation in tact.


Dung Cake started as an attempt to make ourselves laugh at a time when the world was feeling pretty serious. But Dung Cake isn't just a comedy about a crazy incident. We wanted to subvert expectations - even our own - about how we see South Asians and women on screen.

Finding our central characters forced us to interrogate the clichés we've come to expect in film, even if they exposed uncomfortable truths. What would it be like to see a filthy rich Indian-American who holds discriminatory beliefs and treats a white person like "the help"? How far will a headstrong young woman go to be taken seriously by a man in a position of power? 

Making Dung Cake helped us see that true representation isn't just about putting new faces on screen. It's about investigating those characters - flaws and all - and finding the humanity in them, even if they make decisions we disagree with. 

So yes, Dung Cake is a satire about the power dynamics of class, race and gender. But trust me, you're in for a wild ride. If you want to laugh, to cringe, to scream at the screen... we've got the movie for you. 

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